Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dagger 1-3

Personal autonomy- Abstract notions of the self Civic virtue- a particular role a person may occupy, role of citizen.Dagger points out that two fears people have are corruption, and dependence, which ultimately indicates the importance of independence or liberty. (p 15) “The virtuous citizen must be free, but not simply free to go his or her own way (aka people saying they have the right to do something) . Instead, the citizen is free when he or she participates in the government of his or her community.” It is what was on the early pages of autonomy vs. civic. The problem of people saying they have all the rights in the world living in the United States, and the problems that go along with that, do you think if you repeated this sentence back to them. That a person doesn’t really have all of those rights and freedoms only, if they participate in the gorverment do they. Would that be accepted or would people continue saying they have absolute rights?

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